Malignant Hyperthermia Cart with 1.0 Cubic Feet Medical Grade Refrigerator

Each Malignant Hyperthermia Cart includes a built-in Follett® laboratory grade refrigerator for precise and long-lasting cold temperature control and room for required cold storage of cold saline solutions and regular insulin. Also included are drawers for storing drugs, charcoal filters, syringes, catheters, nursing supplies and laboratory testing supplies. The MH5216B Harloff Malignant Hyperthermia Cart with Refrigerator (1.0 cubic feet) comes with a breakaway lock and two drawers. Accessories include a waste container with mounting brackets, two large chart/document holders and a large wire basket, but additional options are available.

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• 20-gauge powder-coated steel with built-in Follett® REF1 refrigerator
• Cart holds critical MH emergency supplies in one place and at the proper temperature in close proximity to areas where most needed
• Highest quality in the industry Follett® refrigerator ensures temperature control for insulin, cold packs and cold saline solution for IV infusion and/or gastric, peritoneal or rectal irrigation, as appropriate.
• Secured drawers for storage of injectables, syringes, catheters, NG tubes, filters, and other necessary supplies
• Breakaway locks on drawers and refrigerator (refrigerator can be keylocked)
• Cart ships ready to use with wheels installed
• Hospital grade power strip and cord included
• Antimicrobial plastic top, removable


Height (inches) 45.5
Width (inches) 37.5
Depth (inches) 26
Height (cm) 115.6
Width (cm) 95.3
Depth (cm) 66
Weight (lbs) 175
Weight (kg) 79.5
Shipping  Height (inches) 52
Shipping Width (inches) 44
Shipping Depth (inches) 30
Shipping Height (cm) 132
Shipping Width (cm) 111.8
Shipping Depth (cm) 76.2
Shipping Weight (lbs) 215
Shipping Weight (kg) 97.7
Freight Class 150
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