Berman – Type Oral Airways



Smooth, flexible white airways
Reinforced bite block prevents airway collapse
Channels along each side allow a suction catheter or endotracheal tube to slide into pharyngeal space
Disposable for single-patient use
Non-sterile, non-toxic polyethylene
Gas/cold sterilizable
Not made with natural rubber latex
Made in the U.S.A.
Note: Airway will stay in place without securement by keeping patient’s head in a tilted position. Taping an oropharyngeal airway in place is contraindicated as it can lead to aspiration if the patient starts to gag or cough and can’t expel the device. Airways should be removed intermittently according to your facility’s policy and the patient’s condition to inspect oral cavities and provide mouth care. Proper sizing is essential to ensure airway patency; device intended to be used by properly trained healthcare professionals.

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