DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter

John Bunn DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter


The new John Bunn DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter provides fast, reliable  and accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and perfusion index (or pulse strength) measurements. Its compact design makes it an ideal solution for EMS, hospital and clinical settings along as well as for home use.  Features & Performance: · Lightweight, pocket-size solution·  Provides fast and accurate SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements. ·  Large LED color display that allows for easy-to-see day or night use·  Simple one button operation· Automatic power on/off function (shuts off after 8 seconds of non operation to conserve batteries)·  Display: Oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and PI measurements. Bar graph display. Multi-directional display so readings can be viewed from any angle.  Display Range:SpO2: 35% to 99%Pulse Rate: 25 to 250 bpmPerfusion Index 0.2% – 20%                Accuracy (% SpO2):                75% – 99% ± 2%               50% – 75% ± 3% Pulse Rate Accuracy: 25 to 250 bpm ±2bpm  Perfusion Index:0.2% – 2% ± 0.1%2% – 10% ± 1% 10% – 20% ± 2%                 · Alarms: Audible and visual alarms for Low Battery, Low SpO2, High Pulse Rate, Low Pulse RatePre-set Alarm Limits: Low SpO2                     90%Low Pulse Rate             50bpmHigh Pulse Rate            120bpm · Resistance to surrounding light: The difference between the values measured in the condition of indoor natural light and that of a darkroom is less than ± 1%.   1 Year Warranty
Dimensions and WeightsSize: 2.59"; x 1.42"; x 1.3"; (66 mm x 36 mm x 33 mm)Weight: 60g (including batteries) Power Supply RequirementTwo (2) 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries (included) Environmental Requirements Operation:Temperature: 41°F ~104°F (5°C ~40°C)Relative humidity: 30%~80%Atmospheric pressure: 10.15 psi~15.37 psi (70kPa~106kPa) Storage:Temperature: -4°F to 131°F (-20ºC to 55ºC)Relative humidity: < 95% Includes:1 DigiO2 Finger Pulse Oximeter1 lanyard1 Pouch2 “AAA” alkaline batteries1 User Manual 

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