Feather® Safeshield® Disposable Sterile Scalpel



Feather® Safeshield™ Disposable Sterile Scalpels are ideal for operating rooms and surgical facilities and are excellent for delicate procedures when precise control is needed. Feather, a blade manufacturer of global renown, utilizes high-precision technology and carefully selected materials. Each Feather scalpel is made in Japan and meets strict ISO standards, resulting in exceptionally high quality and consistent strength and sharpness. Designed with an ergonomically rounded SUREgrip™ plastic handle that fits the hand comfortably and outfitted with a stainless steel blade, Safeshield™ Safety Scalpels feature a locking retractable protective shield that helps prevent injuries before, during, and after use.Features:• Sterile: Gamma-sterilized and ready for use immediately after opening• Single Use/Disposable: Helps prevent patient cross contamination• Individually packaged: Equipped with clear window for product selection verification and pull tabs for easy opening• Clear locking retractable safety shield: Can be operated with one hand• Available in 11 sizes: Including most common blade sizes and select specialty blade size• Color-coded by size: Release tab on protective shield and coordinating packaging assists with blade identification• Ruler printed on handle: Includes cm and mm markings• Similar weight as conventional disposable scalpel• Not made with natural rubber latex• ISO 9001 and 13485 certified; ISO 14001 compliantNote: Dispose of scalpel in an approved sharps container in accordance with your facility’s sharps disposal procedures

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